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Design editorial

You who are already a established writer or are just starting and want to enter the market on the right foot, having a standout cover is essential.

Suitable for authors and publishers for high visual impact covers.  It gives complete freedom of creation, used for any literary genre. May contain full cover artwork, images, exclusive montages, cutouts and special markings.  

Author can provide indication of what he would like and up to 3 layouts* are presented for discussion on top of an idea, until its final approval without layout limits*.

*Valid only for DIGITAL ART.
In the case of ILLUSTRATED COVER, it is only 1 layout, as the illustration is worked on and adjustments are made in draft mode in an average of 3 changes.



osmar barbosa

CEO Book Spiritist Publisher

Rio de janeiro Brazil

The best of all. Excellent professional. Besides all my bosom friend.


Samir Selman Jr.

CEO  Cultural proposal

São Paulo Brazil

Those who carry out literary projects know how difficult it is to find and trust professionals in the field, due to their technique, experience, deadlines, quality, versatility, etc. Even though I found Marco through the Internet (we are from different states), in a short time he became a reference for all my projects. Definitely a very above average professional.


Dyandreia Valverde

CEO Network Without Borders

Lisbon, Portugal

Marco Macen is very serious and concerned about meeting the expectations of his customers. His projects are full of current techniques and great quality, with a result that always positively surprises, in order to reach the general public. We, from Rede Sem Fronteiras, operate in 20 countries around the world and,  

in all of them, this work, presented with professionalism, stands out.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-10 at

Thassia Andrade

CEO Editora Andrade

São Paulo Brazil

What an honor to take a few minutes of my day to express my gratitude for having you on my team! Know that you have a gift for creating much more than just book covers - you have a gift for bringing sketches to life!  



Luis Cláudio S. Pereira

author of  Latin America Project 2051

São Paulo Brazil

The result of working with  

Marco Mancen, exceeded my expectations! Marco was very professional, talented, considerate and knew how to work with four hands to get the best out of the work. He turned the concept, essence and purpose of the book into a beautiful graphic design and historic cover.

Mulher no laptop



Hire a professional service and have the cover you've always wanted for your work. 

Segurando um livro

Physical cover comprises front, spine, back cover, ears. It may have localized varnish and/or relief, cover illustration, special cutouts, dust jacket, bookmark...


Between 15 to 25 days. (For illustrated cover, the deadline depends on the type of illustration and in case of urgency, it may be agreed separately)

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